Fall 2016, Vol. 45. No. 1 — Special Issue on Forests

Consulting Editors’ Note by Anatoli Ignatov and Dinesh Paudel

Forests are already speaking. How to become better attuned to the messages and stories they tell?…
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The Farmleigh Tree Alphabet by Theo Dorgan
Windfall by Roberta Senechal de la Roche
Two Poems by David Lloyd
Birthdays Like Chanterelles in Golden Light by Mary Elder Jacobsen
Two Poems by Eamonn Wall
Old Growth by Ruth Holzer
Woods Again by Max McDonough
So Vast by Emily Stoddard
Two Poems by Lynn Hoffman
Two Poems by Karla Lynn Merrifield
Two Poems by Jeffrey Alfier
Laurel Oak by Drucilla Wall


Sacred Trees in Ghana by Christopher Anabila Azaare—Transcribed and introduced by Anatoli Ignatov

The following are selections from The History of Pioneer Clans in Bolgatanga, Bongo and their Satellite Towns: Land Ownership and
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Black Walnut, Sweet Blood by Linda Hogan

Now I know that all trees are sacred…
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I-Thou-Tree by Carol J. Adams

Not the soul of the tree, not a dyad, but the apple tree itself…
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Ghosts on the Coast by Rick Van Noy

All along the coast this summer, as I traveled to talk to people and communities facing sea level rise, I have seen them…
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The Twice-Born Daughter by Sara Rich

he unraveled her long black hair from the roots of the old marker tree…
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Sacred Trees and Earth Shrines: An Interview with Elder Christopher Azaare in Gowrie, Ghana, on the Role of Tindaanas or Earth Priests


In The Bottom-Land: An Introduction to Congaree National Park and an Interview with John Emmett Cely

Dr. Howard Neufeld

The Mosaic Forest: An Interview with Howie Neufeld

Mark Vogel

Clonal Stands and Coaxing “Lasting Interest”: An Interview with Photographer Mark Vogel


Gary Snyder: A Logger’s Spirit, a Woodsman’s Soul by Leon Lewis

Without underestimating the contributions of other visionary activists, Gary Snyder could be described as a Patron Seer of the Ecosphere…
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Anti-pastoral More Grimm than Grim by Ed Madden

Vievee Francis’s Forest Primeval opens, “I want to put down what the mountain has awakened.” It’s not going to be…
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Visual Art


Leah Oates

Language of Bark by Jayne Marek

Jane Marek


Nia Martin


Ashleigh Coleman


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