Spring 2016, Vol. 44. No. 2


Editor’s Note

Though the pressures of sociological and ecological crises are felt differently by every artist, none can escape knowledge of them, and all art tells us something about what the maker is doing with that awareness…
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Two Poems by Paula Meehan
Two Poems by R.T. Smith
Three Poems by Susan Ludvigson
Three Poems by Brendan Galvin
Two Poems by Ed Madden
Two Poems by Sally Rosen Kindred
Andrew Wyeth Keeps Women in the Woods by Teri Brown-Davidson
Loam Dreamers by Doug Sutton-Ramspeck
While I Visit my Daughter, the News by Gary Fincke
The Scales of Belief by Danielle Nicole Byington
The Great Moon Hoax, 1835 by Faith Shearin
The World is a Vast Place by Harold Whit Williams
Before Lexington by Lesley Wheeler
Reading Clouds by Gary Allen
Some adults with insomnia by Carmen Germain
Life Studies by Diane Scholl
Three Poems by Tayve Neese
Urban Helicon by M.B. McLatchey
Archangel, the Cat by Janice Fuller
Spider by Jude Brancheau
Omens by Nathalie Anderson
White Out by Andrew Jarvis
Myth of the Given by C. Dylan Basset
When the Bull Stops Fighting by Tim Suermondt


Chameleons by K.C. Mead-Brewer

The doctor didn’t have time to be worried for Clara during her labor; it was over before he got there. “I guess the speed of it makes sense,” David said, looking up at his wife…
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Forage by Katherine L. Hester

Can the faith yanking the plane aloft hold it there once the pilot banks and turns across the harbor? The turbines change pitch, the plane climbs; Clare lets out her breath…
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Trauma by Aaron Lee Moore

At the farm in Floyd, Virginia on Thunderstruck Road, the weeping willow looked out of place. There was a spring-fed stream bisecting the…
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Writing and Presence: A Beagle’s Work by Christine Cusick

Dogs hide their bones under the softness of chenille pillows. They circle their nests in fleece blankets, and devour their food without expectation that it will still be…
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Round & The Fawn by Deborah Guerra

Down Through the Field of Spent Dollar Bills by Reeves Singleton

Creek (upper, thin)
It’s a corpse hidden poorly; I’ve stumbled upon it a few times. Never told a soul. Not once. You keep that kind of thing to…
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RT Smith photo

Some Wolf in Cold Mountain Review: A Conversation with R.T. Smith

Photo by John Allen at the Commemoration of the Burning of Columbia.

Public Voice, Public Work: A Conversation with Ed Madden

Wisteria, Julia Barello

Collapsing Binaries: A Conversation with Julia Barello


Sublime to Destruction: An Introduction to Overburden and an Interview with Documentarian Chad A. Stevens

Visual Art

Daniel McClendon

Jennifer Murphy

Ivan de Monbrison

Nature 6

Marcia Krause Bilyk


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