Spring 2008

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The spring issue, guest-edited by Leon Lewis, is rooted deeply in but not restricted by the landscape of the Appalachian region. It contains the work of a number of artists with close ties to its terrain, including Hilda Downer, Joseph Bathanti, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Chris Green and Tim Peeler, as well as a work by writers with an interest in the region and its culture.

Table of Contents

Non-Fiction Excerpts

Singing to Make Butter Come by Robert Morganq

To coax the butter to appear you raise the plunger, drive it in the crock and drive it down again. But sometimes if it’s hot or if the air’s too moist or pressure low, no matter how you stir and dash and beat, the clabber yields no…
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Poetry Excerpts

The Cameraphone by Joseph Bathanti
Empty by Mark Vogel
Driving Home by Kathryn Kirkpatrick