Fall 2006

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Avery K. Slater
Terrorism and the Taj Mahal

Barry Ballard

Deborah Tall
Because She

Federico García Lorca
The Poet Asks His Love to Write to Him
translated by Peter Kline

Donald Illich
Quiet, Please

Bill Van Every
What Happened Next

Sierra Bell
The First Poem

Nathan Vish

James Wallace
Little Odessa

Jenny Hudson


Bruce Allen Dick
A Conversation with Houston Baker

Houston Baker
Umbrage and Ana

Okla Elliott
A Conversation with Mark Smith-Soto


Leigh Ann Henion
Sucre (Quito, Ecuador) — cover
Ingapirca (Ingapirca, Ecuador)
Weaving (Quito, Ecuador)
Chiclet (Quito, Ecuador)
Vending at Dusk (Quito, Ecuador)
Shine On (Cuenca, Ecuador)
Maria Studying in the Streets (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Papas (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Working the Land (Pan-American Highway, Ecuador)
Javier and His Sister (Guadalajara, Mexico)


Alex Pitofsky
Review of The Maverick Room , by Thomas Sayers Ellis

Thomas Sayers Ellis
A Baptist Beat

Kristina Groover
Review of Gloryland, by Anne Marie Macari

Anne Marie Macari
Mary’s Blood
What Will You Feed Them?

Dusty Ross
Review of Lampblack & Ash , by Simone Muench

Simone Muench
Eating Olives in the House of Heartbroken Women
Tom Waits, I Hate You–

Taylor Hagood
Review of The Body’s Question, by Tracy K. Smith

Tracy K. Smith
What Fear Is

Aimee Pozorski
Review of Perennial Fall, by Maggie Dietz

Maggie Dietz
North of Boston
Bird Bath